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About Us

Texaco products have been sold in the UK for over 100 years and today Valero Energy Ltd, a subsidiary of Valero Energy Corporation, markets fuel in the UK and Ireland under the Texaco brand.

From motor fuels to domestic heating oil, loyalty cards and fuel cards, Texaco products and services are known for their high quality, reliability and performance. There are around 800 Texaco-branded service stations in the UK, owned and operated by independent retailers, making it the largest independent branded chain of service stations in the country. There is an extensive network of authorised Texaco distributors supplying a wide range of customers, particularly in more rural locations.

Valero in the UK employs around 770 people and many thousands more are employed in Texaco branded retail businesses across the UK. Over the last few years, Texaco branded service stations have accounted for a growing percentage of service stations in the country and the company is committed to increasing its network of branded retailers and distributors.

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Our Business in the UK

Refining oil

Valero refines crude oil at its refinery in Pembroke, south west Wales. The refinery began operations in 1964 and today it is one of the largest manufacturers of fuels in northwest Europe, with throughput of 270,000 barrels of crude oil each day. Valero’s Pembroke refinery is one of the leading employers in south Wales and is one of Europe’s largest and most complex refineries.

Fuel distribution

In addition to the refinery, Valero has ownership interests in four major pipelines, six UK fuel terminals and a 13,000-barrel-per-day aviation fuels business.

The company supplies fuel products to its UK customers via its fuel terminals and pipeline infrastructure. We additionally supply fuel from a number of third party owned terminals throughout the UK.

Wincanton is contracted to deliver through their tanker fleet, providing a safe and reliable service. The drivers are employed by Wincanton, who ensure they are some of the most well trained and knowledgeable drivers in the industry.

Our fuel distribution service is open 362 days a year and operates a 24 hour service during weekdays. We take accountability for all customer problems and set ourselves a one hour turnaround for all customer enquiries.

Health and Safety

Both occupational and process safety is integrated into every facet of Valero operations. Valero’s occupational health and safety programme is successful because it is developed, supported and carried out by all employees, from executive management to the newest hire.

The company’s process safety programme instils safety and reliability at every facility to push beyond regulatory compliance to operational excellence.

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Valero in the Community

Valero plays an active role in the life and spirit of the communities in which we live and work, by investing in projects that will make a positive difference to the quality of life. We support a number of national charities and charities local to our operations in London and Pembroke. The company also has an active volunteering culture and in 2014 completed over 6,000 voluntary hours for local and national charities in the UK.

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Environmental Responsibility

Texaco service stations were one of the first to introduce ultra low sulphur petrol and diesel in the UK. Furthermore, Valero believes that biofuels will play an increasingly important role in transportation fuels. The company has 10 state-of-the-art ethanol plants in the US, making it the first traditional refiner to enter production of ethanol.

Valero also has investments in several companies working to commercialise emerging alternative biofuels. We have achieved significant emission reductions and made improvements in producing cleaner-burning petrol, diesel and ethanol-blended fuels.

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