Our Motor Fuels

Providing our customers with high quality fuels has been central to the Texaco brand for more than 100 years. Today, Texaco fuels are designed for the needs of the modern motorist and are specially formulated to help improve efficiency and to keep your car's engine clean.

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We provide Premium unleaded, diesel and Supreme grades in both petrol and diesel fuel.

Supreme fuels

Texaco Supreme petrol and diesel contains a performance additive package to help keep your car’s engine clean and perform better. Using lower grades of fuel can leave harmful deposits in the engine that can cause deterioration in performance, such as hesitation in acceleration. Not only that, these deposits can result in increased exhaust emissions and reduced economy. Texaco Supreme petrol and diesel help prevent these deposits from building up and help remove carbon deposits left behind by other lower-grade fuels. Whether you have an old or new car Texaco Supreme fuels will keep your car performing at its best. Regular use of Texaco Supreme can help.

Supreme Unleaded and Diesel Fuels are available at selected service stations in England and Wales. To find a Supreme Fuel stockist in your area:

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Diesel and Premium unleaded 95

Texaco's diesel and Premium unleaded 95 are high quality fuels that have been designed to help keep your car's engine clean and running smoothly.

Whenever you fill up at a Texaco service station you can be sure you’ll be getting fuels that deliver first class performance, offer industry leading engine protection and help improve the efficiency of your car.

To help you get the most from your car’s engine, we recommend that you use our fuels regularly.

Texaco diesel

Texaco diesel is manufactured from selected crude oils and carefully blended to help improve your car’s performance. Texaco diesel provides protection from injector and pump wear, assists in quick engine starting, reduces smoke and particle production, whilst also providing exceptional low temperature operation. Texaco diesel contains a detergent additive to help keep injectors clean and an anti-foaming agent that makes filling up quicker and cleaner.

Texaco diesel is designed for use in all modern diesel engines and exceeds the latest requirements of the relevant British and European Specification BS EN 590. Fuel properties are seasonally adjusted to maintain good low temperature operability.

Texaco Premium unleaded 95

Texaco Premium unleaded 95 petrol is designed to help improve the performance of your car’s engine. It is suitable for use in all petrol engine vehicles where the vehicle manufacturer recommends unleaded petrol with a minimum Research Octane Number (RON) of 95.0

Texaco Premium unleaded 95 petrol exceeds the latest requirements of the relevant British and European Standard Specifications BS EN 228 and contains a detergent additive to help keep fuel injectors, inlet valves and carburettors clean, maintaining driveability and performance.