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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who should I contact if I want to become a Texaco retailer?

If you are interested in retailer opportunities, please provide answers to the following questions and send them to: customercare@valero.com 

  • Contact details?
  • Who is your current supplier?
  • When does your current agreement end?
  • What is your current volume per annum?

Please note: When your details are received via email, they will be forwarded to the relevant Texaco Business Manager who will contact you to discuss your requirements further.

Q. Do Valero have a loyalty scheme?

Our Star Rewards loyalty programme offers 1 Point for every litre of fuel purchased*. 500 points = £5. For more information and to register, go to: www.starrewards.co.uk
* Exemptions apply, please see terms and conditions .

Q. What fuel cards can I use at Texaco branded service stations?

The Business card – used for petrol, diesel, car wash and goods optional. Also accepted across 1,200 BP service stations. For more information and details how to apply, go to: www.texacothebusiness.co.uk
Fastfuel – used for petrol, diesel, lubricants and car wash. Also accepted across 1500 sites on the UK Fuels Trunk Road and Truck Stop networks. For more information and details how to apply, go to: www.fastfuel.co.uk/apply 

  • euroShell – (Multi network card)
  • BP Plus
  • Fleet One
  • Allstar
Q. Do Texaco supply fuel containing Ethanol?

Yes. We are required to supply ethanol blended fuel to meet the RTFO (Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation) for petrol (EN228). The specification allows for at least 5.5% and up to 10% Ethanol (E10) and we currently supply this in the majority of our 95 unleaded grade. In addition, we also supply E5 as a protection grade (containing up to 5% ethanol) in 97 Octane Super Unleaded to much of the country.

Q. Who do I contact regarding a product or service which I would like to supply to Texaco branded service stations?

Whilst Valero has a licence to use the Texaco brand in the UK, it does not own or operate any of the Texaco branded service stations. They are all owned and operated by independent retailers to whom we supply Texaco fuel. We recommend you contact the service stations directly.

Q. Do Valero provide sponsorship for charities and organisations?

Valero supports a number of national charities. Unfortunately, as our budget is allocated in advance, we are only able to support a small number of additional requests through the Valero Volunteer Programme.

Q. To whom do I submit my curriculum vitae for job opportunities at Texaco service stations?

All Texaco branded service stations in the UK are owned and operated by independent retailers to whom we supply the fuel. Therefore, all service station job opportunities should be submitted directly to the Texaco service station owner.

Q. If I have a complaint with a Texaco service station, who should I contact?

Primarily, your complaint should be directed to the proprietor of the service station as Valero is unable to exercise any direct influence or control over any issues raised. In the event that your complaint is not fully resolved by the service station, please email the customer care team at: customercare@valero.com